‘In Transit’

Hello, my soon-to-be faithful blog readers!

I must admit, this is my second attempt at a blog. A few close friends and I decided to blog about our everyday normal (or not so normal) life experiences as a way to keep in touch. Although it’s been years since any of us have updated our blogs, it’s sometimes funny to know that your old life is documented ‘somewhere out there’ in cyberspace.

However, as a recent Child & Youth studies &  Masters of Library and Information Science grad, this blog has an entirely different purpose than my last. Here (with possible rants and raves) you will find my reviews of books I’ve read, interesting library related articles,information, facts, and so on. Although I always knew what my blog would be about, selecting a blog title proved more difficult. Finally, I came up with ‘In transit’. Unfortunately, that title was already taken, so I decided on ‘Books in transit’. I liked the concept of ‘in transit’ as it not only relates to libraries, but my life in general. As a young professional, I have not yet decided on any of the major decisions in my life. The only thing I know for sure is that I am meant to be a Children’s/Youth Librarian and will stop at nothing to ensure that this becomes a possibility.

Please feel free to leave feedback, comment, questions, concerns! 🙂

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