Announcing Monthly Guest Posts by Bookit!

Hi followers!

I’ve been super busy lately—interviews, last week of work, and trip to Jamaica. Coming up– Christmas, moving to new city and apartment, and new job! ahh!  Although I try my best to update the blog frequently, sometimes I do fall behind. So I’ve invited my friend Bookit to write monthly book reviews to post here.  I’m really looking forward to her reviews!

Here is her own introduction:

Hello, my fellow Books in Transit followers!

I am big fan, friend, and librarian colleague to our lovely Books in Transit author and have been asked to share some of my own reviews on recent YA titles with you.

I love reading, and although I try to read within a variety of genres and age groups, my heart of heart reading lies with YA materials. The characters are bursting with emotions, and they are often encountering life altering experiences that make for fast paced page turners. I have a weakness for funny characters that make you laugh till you have tears (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson), supernatural powers I wish I had (Hermione is my hero), and oh yes, a little romance (one of favourite series is Julie Kagawa’s  Iron Fey)!

Look out for monthly posts,


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