Your Constant Star by Brenda Hasiuk

Some people are lost, maybe for good, but others are found.

Faye is the “good” adopted Chinese daughter. Bev is the wild child. Mannie is the unambitious stoner. What brings them together—and tears them apart—is a need to move beyond the clichés and commit to something—anything—that will bring meaning and joy to their lives.  When Faye’s long-lost childhood neighbor, Bev, turns up out of the blue, wanting something from her old friend, Faye goes along with Bev’s plan. But Mannie, the joyriding daddy of Bev’s baby, has a half-crazed romantic agenda of his own. As one cold, miserable prairie spring inches toward summer, a series of unexpected and sometimes explosive decisions sends the trio hurtling toward disaster. A darkly funny portrayal of three unforgettable teenagers feeling their way into adulthood in an imperfect world.


Your Constant Star revolves around three flawed Winnipeg teens and an unwanted pregnancy (aka. “little alien.”) “Happy ho-hum” Faye introduces this young adult story, followed by pregnant Bev, and her druggie boyfriend, Mannie.  While the different perspectives were interesting, I enjoyed reading about Faye’s cultural heritage and adoption story the most.   That being said, for various reasons, I didn’t particularly like any of the characters.  They annoyed and frustrated me. Especially when they embraced the ‘I don’t give a %&#$’ attitude and put themselves and others in serious harm. However, I recognize I don’t fit into the intended reader audience, and perhaps Faye, Bev and Manny would have a different effect on teenage readers.

Indeed, CM Magazine writes:

“With all their flaws, the three narrators jump off the page with terrifying realism. They are teenagers to make any parent or guidance counselor cringe in recognition. Hasiuk doesn’t flinch from adolescent anger and frustration…Bev, Mannie and Faye are hard to forget…A novel for older teens who want realism with no preachiness…Recommended.”

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