The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice


Thanks to Scholastic for sending me this advanced reading copy of The Secret Language of Sisters.  Unfortunately, I could not get past the blame game to enjoy the read.  The one moment that Ruth Ann (Roo), answers a text when driving, her entire life changes.  It’s a serious crash, and she ends up in the hospital and permanently disabled.  Her sister Mathilda (Tilly) was the last person to text her, and feels responsible for the crash. There is so much blame placed on Tilly as “she should have known better” than to text Ruth, it’s ridiculous.  Everyone texts these days, and you never know if the individual on the receiving end is driving or not.  It’s up to the driver to drive responsibly and not answer the text. Throughout the whole book, her mom, friends, and reporters continue to shame Tilly.

“I texted you, too, that day, “ Isabel said. “I swear I stopped once I knew you were on your way to Tilly. I would never put you in danger.”

“But Tilly did?” Dr. Howarth asked.

“Yes, she did,” Isabel said, head up high and sounding ferocious. “It was the last text before Roo went off the road.”

Overall, I felt like I was being continuously hit over the head about the dangers of texting and driving. However, for some high schoolers this may be exactly what they need to read.  If you’re interested in this book, it will be available February 2016.

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