Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Delsie loves tracking the weather, living with her grandmother, and the support of friends and neighbors, but misses having a “regular family,” especially after her best friend outgrows her.

Having read Fish in a Tree, I sort of knshoutingew what to expect with Hunt’s newest middle grade novel, Shouting at the Rain. Hunt again proves she can deliver on providing realistic situations and challenging themes–like how friendships change and evolve.
Even many years later, I can remember the feelings associated with a crumbling friendship.  As a middle grader, I would have loved having access to a book that demonstrated how to navigate that difficult time. I’m glad that Delsie was able to find acceptance with other friends, including Ronan; and that their relationship remained platonic. There were too many themes explored to also introduce crushes and romantic feelings.

Although many serious themes were explored, the book never felt dark. It ended with a great message about family, friends and remaining optimistic. A great choice for a classroom read aloud.

“I feel silly for having shouting at the rain, complaining about living under a cloud. Thing is, the sun is always in the sky-it just gets hidden sometimes.”

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