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In an attempt to improve my French language skills, I have tried just about everything. Studying books, listening to audiobooks, french radio and television, the Rosetta Stone program, and most recently, Mango. What is Mango, you ask? According to their website, “Mango Languages is an online language-learning system teaching actual conversation skills for a wide variety of languages”.  Now here is the best part…. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!  This database can be accessed by most public libraries, including the OPL. Using your library card you can register for your account, so that Mango is able to track your progress, and even record the time you spent studying.  The program itself is presented in slides (like a powerpoint presentation), with a natural articulate speaker reading them.  You can replay, skip ahead, or bookmark your favourite slides.  I liked that with every new lesson, you quickly repeat the important information learned from the previous lesson.  The program tests your knowledge by asking, ” do you remember how to say……?” and includes real life conversations you would participate in.  Overal, Mango Languages is hands-down the best language learning program I have ever used.  GET LEARNING!

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