Children’s Book Review: Miss Smith Reads Again

Garland, Micheal. (2006). Miss Smith reads again. Dutton Children’s Books.

In Miss Smith Reads Again, Zack’s teacher returns with her magic storybook to read The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When she begins reading the tale- POOF! The class is transported into the realm of dinosaurs. Read about the adventure they experience and learn about the joyful magic and power of reading. The book’s bold and colorful images coupled with the imaginative and informative plot line will appeal to children of all ages.  


“A fun-filled literary adventure.” —School Library Journal

“Readers will enjoy predicting what the next day’s story line will include. Garland’s bright art style is unusual enough to reinforce the fantastic nature of the story line. The apparently computer generated art seems to be a mixture of paper cutting and collage techniques combined with some dreamy backgrounds done in water color”- Children’s Literature

Learn about the author/illustrator Michael Garland!

In his own words: “I spent my childhood roaming the woods, playing sports, crossing the street without looking both ways and drawing. Drawing was the thing I did best. In school, when they passed out the paper and crayons, it was my day to shine….I started to think I might become an artist. After high school, I went Pratt Institute to study art. Soon after graduating, I sold my first illustration to True Confessions magazine. I was on my way; the beginning of a thirty-two year career illustrating everything you could imagine (Michael Garland Picture Books, 2006)”.

Indeed, Garland has had an impressive career as the illustrator of more than 50 children’s books (and counting!). His enchanting illustrations have garnered numerous awards, including two Silver Medals from the Society of Illustrators. Today, he lives in New York with his wife and three children. You can visit him online at

Enjoyed this story? Check out the prequel to Miss Smith Reads Again, entitled Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook (2005).  Also watch for the newest title in the series due out fall 2010!

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