Show Me How To….

I may have found the ultimate coffee-table book….

The entertaining book,  Show Me How by Lauren Smith provides bright, fun, visual instructions to accomplish a wide variety of projects (500 in total, ranging from useful to down-right wacky!).  Need to know how to treat a snake bite? No? Well how about twisting balloon animals? Or, how to make the perfect bed?

Since the instructions for each entry are somewhat limited, the book should not be used as the ultimate how-to reference source for any subject. In my opinion, some of the entries could have benefited from being a little more detailed. I am not comfortable with the idea of reducing the life-saving Heimlich Maneuver to five pictures, coupled with vague instructions. Overall, you can gain a general idea of how to do something, but some of the diagrams cannot stand alone.

 Click here to see a sample for yourself (courtesy of Amazon). My favourite is the ‘How to Identify Men’s Facial Hair Styles’.

As you can see, this graphic art/reference book would be awesome for those with short attention spans, and those who love learning. It would also make a great graduation gift or perhaps Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy teen on your list.

Even though I’ve had this book for quite a while, I still find myself picking up and flipping through this attractive, fun, informative step-by-step instruction book to learn new skills.

After all, you never know when a gal needs to get out of a straight jacket.

***FYI: Volume 2 of Show Me How (Because there’s a lot more to know) will be available October 2010

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